A Brief Guide to the Ranboo Merchandise

Ranboo is an American Youtuber and Twitch streamer known for Minecraft content. He is a member of the Minecraft Dream SMP server. He is well known for streaming and gaming abilities on a youtube channel named ‘Ranboolive.’ In every stream, he gets about 1.8 million views from his dedicated fan base. He made his name on the Twitter platform on July 27, 2021, after reaching 2 million followers. People started following his style, pose, and gaming skill.


Ranboo fashion has been known for its originality and has been an inspiration to many for a long time. He has become a great influencer of the gaming industry that people want to be in his outfit before introducing themselves into the tech industry as a Pro. Whatever he wears becomes a Ranboo fashion.


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Ranboo personal life

Ranboo was born in the United States on November 2, 2003. He used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, as confirmed by one of his now former main Discord admins & Twitch moderators after he posted a picture of the Twitch headquarters, located in San Francisco. On June 3, 2021, he graduated from high school.


He moved to the UK in March 2022 and currently lives in Brighton.


Game History

Ranboo was invited to join the Dream SMP on November 27, 2020. At starts when he joined Dream, Ranboo was jokingly killed by Dream. After that joke, he was welcome by his Dream team and offered a tour from Nihachu.


Ranboo had no clue about his joining into Dream SMP; he just got an invitation from Dream during his streaming asking for the IGN so that Dream could whitelist him to the server.


On the second day of his joining, Tubbo offered him an official tour during which they were agreed on a deal concerning the election. If Ranboo won, he’ll make Tubbo his VP and if Tubbo won then Tubbo will make Ranboo his Secretary of State.


Although there are more Minecraft channels on YouTube that can be counted, the talented one always makes his place and name from the rest. Ranboo has been one of the best and latest creative Minecraft creators that rose to repute and honor even finding a place in Dream SMP.


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